The need to quickly access and view the status of Leads, Opportunities and Trouble Tickets etc has been an integral part of the CRM functionality. vTiger CRM has built the “Filters” feature especially for that. But with the rising needs of the customers and organisations need to have 100% customer satisfaction the default feature in vTiger CRM is not able to fulfill the needs to verify the leads, opportunities or tickets on the go from the list view of any module.

This is where our plugin Filters++ comes to play. Once enabled for a module i.e. Custom or Default , you will have a side bar widget created where you can see the different filters and the number of records for that particular filter. Upon selection you will automatically be redirected to the list of the filter enabling you to view the records that need to addressed.

Presenting the Filters++ plug-in for vtiger 6.x.

Unless your existing vtiger is heavily customized, our plugin works with almost any kind of customized vtiger instances.

For specific cases please write to


  • Access all records based on filters.
  • Works for any module.
  • Quickly navigate using the custom widget to the desired records.


  • Works for custom modules.
  • Can be configured for different views on the module i.e. create view, detailed view or list view.

Works better with

PHP Version :- 5.5 or later
mySQL Version:- 5.6.30 or later
Apache Version:- 2.2 or later
Vtiger Versions:-  6.0 or later

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