08 Nov 2018
November 8, 2018

PO Quick Import plugin in action

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Importing of Inventory records has never been so easy with vtiger CRM.

As you all know, vtiger is one of the free crm software for any business to learn and adopt.

By default, inventory records import is not available as an option here. This may be due to the complexity of the type of inventory records which is having a master record and various child records. An example would be a purchase order record with many item details in it.

So, this was the input for us to make some quick plugins for importing inventory records.

we have already developed SO Quick import plugin and is available for users to buy.

This plugin is for Purchase Order modules and users can import the mandatory fields in the purchase order module of vtiger CRM and make their lives easier.

More in this series would be Quotes Quick Import plugin and Invoice Quick Import plugin.

Presenting here is the POQuickImport plugin in action.

Here are the steps

1. Install the SalesOrder QuickImport plugin through the vtiger native module manager

2. You will see that another button appears for Import/Export in the Sales Order module.

3. Click the button and choose your import file

4. You will see that if the import file contains all correct fields in the excel/csv file, all records will be imported

5. If the import file has error in data, such records will be marked accordingly and only the correct records will be imported.

Do check the video here for SOQuickImport in action

Thanks and happy POImporting.

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