Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

As a developer I have always enjoyed inventing new tools for fellow developers and making life of a business analyst more easy. In the recent years my effort has been focused on vtiger CRM and its related development.

Recently a customer requirement came up where, based on a customer need, the module names were required to be pulled up in a field. Did a little work and I came up with this new UI type – CRM Module Name.

Business case:

Client’s CRM was a highly customized vtiger CRM where each module was intended for a specific purpose and did a certain significant thing in the business operations hierarchy. For this reason, it was required that the CRM users needed help on using and understanding each module, what it does and what the data in the module represents. This help to the CRM users would appear in the right hand side of the current screen as a pull down help menu item. Since the new modules kept getting added to the CRM, every time the CRM administrator had to seek help in adding help content to each module. The CRM administrator would do good with a new module which picked the module name and added help content about the module in a text box which then appeared at the module level.

Our approach:

In Vtiger CRM Modules, datafields in the modules can be of various types. From simple numeric, text and date types, there are enhancements like enumerated types. There are many use cases where the built in UI types, including the hidden ones, are insufficient for customization. Hence I felt this new UI type will add a lot of value to the vtiger CRM developers in determining all the module names the user has access to. Since admin privileges would not be given to all users, he will not be in a position to know directly what modules he has access to and what modules he does not , when he is in record edit/delete/create view.

This new UI CRM Module Name helps the user to know exactly which modules can he access, which modules are visible to him etc. Check screen shots here.

crm module name

I am sure many of the Vtiger developers and analysts would appreciate this requirement.

We are pleased to provide more details on email.

Note: This feature will be available in our next release of vtDZiner for 6.3. Our existing users of vtDZiner can ask for their updated file by an email.


vTigress team

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