25 Jul 2013
July 25, 2013

MVC – The truth – 2

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Liked this simple analogy of MVC from www.stackoverflow.com where he says

Tellers are Views – Tellers present money to the customer

Runners are Controllers – Runners carry the money from the Banker to the Teller

Bankers are Models – Bankers hold the money (data) which is all powerful

Although MVC was initially developed by a few individuals for personal computing, the architectural pattern became so widely accepted as a kind of de-facto standard for web applications that all major programming languages started using it. More than started using, it was kind of – got itself into the design and fell in its place because of its natural tendency to make it work like a MVC pattern.

Let us discuss the advantages of the MVC based application.

1. Since this model does not use forms based programming which is server based, it is revered by all developers because it gives maximum control over the behavior of the application.

2. The complexity itself is reduced because the application is partitioned into data, view and controller.

3. Testing a MVC based application is easier than a regular form based application.

4. When the team is huge and application is also huge, the comes as a blessing in terms of exercising control over the application.

In the next article, let us see what kind of applications use MVC today and some examples..

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