Hello vtiger CRM enthusiasts,

vtiger CRM customization has been one of my most exciting assignment. Making a vtiger customization tool for all vtiger users has also been equally rewarding passion. So, with this new plugin for Invoice module of vtiger crm, users can now import mandatory field of Invoice module of vtiger and rejoice, because vtiger by default does’nt provide any import/export of inventory records. For all other entity type modules there are import and export options. Of course one has to eliminate the calendar/email/dashboard type of modules.

I just shared an update on LinkedIn groups, Youtube channel, Facebook page as well as Tweeted about this.

Here is a quick recap of what the features of Invoice Quick Import plugin are.

1. vtiger5.4 compatible

2. Quick and easy to install and use

3. Module manager installable

4. Imports Invoice module records with mandatory fields

5. Imports excel format files

6. Intelligently eliminates bad import

So much so for Invoice records import.


Look forward for the Quotes records Quick Import plugin in a few days.

Here is a peek at how the Invoice Quick Import plugin works



Don’t forget to mail sales@vtigress.com for your inquiries and feedback

Thanks and Happy quick importing!!

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