1.What is the current version of iDZiner?
The current version of iDZiner is 1.0
2.What are the versions of vtiger with which iDZiner 1.0 works on?
iDZiner 1.0 works only on vtiger 5.4. Make sure that your inventory modules of your vtiger5.4 instance has no other customization done on it, because iDZiner works best on a standard instance of inventory modules in vtiger5.4 (Quotes, Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order). If you have any customization already done and would still like to keep it, please contact vtigress team at to find out whether any research can be carried out on your CRM as a custom development work and whether iDZiner can be installed on it or not.
3.Is iDZiner available for other versions of vtiger CRM?
No. It is not.
4.Does iDZiner works with any version of vtiger?
No. iDZiner works with only vtiger5.4.
5.I understand that vtiger 6.1 is round the corner. It may be released any time now. Is iDZiner compatible with vtiger 6.0/6.1?
As of now, iDZiner is not compatible with vtiger 6. In a few weeks, iDZiner will also be available as an upgradable version.
6.What are the features of iDZiner?
Import and export of inventory module records (Quotes, Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order).
7.What is the current price of iDZiner 1.0?
The current price of iDZiner is 299USD +5%PayPal fees, total 315 USD
8.Can I resell iDZiner in my country within my leads?
Yes, you can resell iDZiner. Please contact for more details.
9.How do I become a reseller for iDZiner?
You can become a reseller of iDZiner by getting into an agreement with the vtigress team. Please contact for more details.
10.Do you provide vTiger development training?
Yes we do. Please contact for more details and rates.
11.Do you help clients with maintenance and support contracts in vTiger CRM?
Yes we do. Please contact for more details and rates.
12.If I am not using vTiger and wish to migrate from other CRM, will you help?
Yes we can. Please contact for more details and rates
13.What is iDZiner Activation key? When do I use it?
iDZiner activation key is the one which you would have got in your initial mail from You use your iDZiner activation key to initially activate your single user license of iDZiner.
14.What is iDZiner Reset key? When do I use it?
iDZiner reset key is the one which you would have got in your initial mail from If your iDZiner registration key fails for some reason, you can use reset key to start using your iDZiner system again.
15.When will my iDZiner registration fail?
Your iDZiner registration will fail only in one of the following cases.

  • If you kill the instance without deactivating iDZiner.
  • Your Firewall/hosting service provider does not allow to do so.
  • You have used the iDZiner system wrongly.

Please contact for here
16.What if I pay more / less than the actual price of iDZiner?
If you pay more than the specified price for iDZiner, we are happy to refund you using PayPal after deducting any charges applicable or you can buy any custom development work or any maintenance service contract for the difference amount. If you pay less than the specified price of iDZiner, kindly pay the difference as soon as possible so that we can send you the download link to the code and the related documentation.
17.Do you have any Blog?
Yes, you can visit
18.How can we know whether iDZiner is installed properly or not?
You will get the import and export buttons which are other than the default Import/Export buttons in the inventory modules(Quotes, Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order).