16 Jul 2012
July 16, 2012


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CEO, Benchmark Labs says, “Employees are our biggest assets. We hire only those people who are passionate about their work and who have a love for learning and growing.
Back at office, Open source CRM vtiger topped with vtDZiner from the vTigress team has helped our team to a great extent in managing the projects and the tasks.”

EGroupware, Germany says,Kudos to the vTigress team for the great service they have given me. vtDZiner has helped a great deal in our business in keeping track of our clients database and other details. vTigress team was greatly receptive to the changes that I suggested and I am glad that they are incorporating the changes in their next version.

Virtual-E Corporation says,President/CEO, California USA, says, ” I am happy to report that it is working very well. I like vtDZiner ”

Will Smith, developer at Ontap says “When we provide custom designed solution to our customers on open source, we look for ease of use, easy on price and the best intended use. vtDZiner for vtiger does just that and helps us deliver more value to our clients. Irrespective of time zone they are in, the vTigres team made sure that they were available for us whenever we needed.