Dear vtiger enthusiasts,

After the release of the Customer Portal Handbook for vtiger5.4, we are pleased to give away this free booklet to all our customers and inquiries.






This eBook is an accompaniment to the Customer Portal Handbook from the vTigress team. This is a compilation of cases from the customer portal related issues from the vtiger forums (now vtiger discussions).

We have retained some of the language of the vtiger users and their words so that readers can refer back to the forums or discussion easily and quickly (under the reference section for each issue).

This book will technically never end or constantly evolve over time, since users will pump issues continuously in the forums/discussions. There are more than 4000 issues if we look at the forums today. Considering repeat issues, We have chosen less than 60 of them for analysis here.


Please email for a FREE copy


vTigress team

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  1. Good to see such kind of e-books being release for vtiger. Thanks for taking all those efforts.


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