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As you all know, the Layout DZiner component of the vtDZiner for vtiger5.4 allows to add custom fields and blocks and panels to standard and custom modules.

This Layout DZiner is an attempt to improve the existing layout editor which has limited functionality. Unlike layout editor, Layout DZiner will allow more sophisticated UI types and newer types of display of the module.

Here is a layout editor display of Products module.

Products add custom field

Notice the Add custom field button present there.

However the layout editor in the Documents module does not contain the Add custom fields button (PLUS + symbol) in the block label bar.

Check the screen shot

Documents missing add custom field

In order to be able to add a custom fields button to the Documents module, please add the following line

[code language=”PHP”]
var “$customFieldTable” =”Array(‘vtiger_notescf’,”‘notesid’);”

in modules/Documents/Documents.php to enable the same.


You got it!!


Do let us know if you have been able to use this gem of an information

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