I was intrigued that Documents are not enabled for Workflow support. There seemed to be no apparent reason, and looking into the code, I found the blocks. After removing them, Workflows could be setup for Documents

In the script,

function checkModuleWorkflow and function vtGetModules have a variable

[code language=”PHP”]
$modules_not_supported = array(‘Documents’, ‘Calendar’, ‘Emails’, ‘Faq’, ‘Events’, ‘PBXManager’, ‘Users’);


[code language=”PHP”]
$modules_not_supported = array(‘Documents’,’Emails’, ‘PBXManager’);

The String ‘Documents’ must be removed from these array declarations

Workflow task creation seems to fail when file attachment type fields are in the module record.

This is happening due to the switch condition written in


included in the function getFieldType($fieldName).
In the switch case we need to handle type of file155,157d154
[code language=”PHP”]
case ‘file’:
$et->type = ‘File’;
These lines need to be added in the function. With these changes, the Documents module, is made ready for workflow establishment. I created some workflows, and it seemed to work well.
Hope this helps those users who need to work more with Documents module
Happy vtDzining…..
We welcome comments on your experience after/before implementing this…..
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