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Life has moved on after vtiger5.4. Life for our customers also has moved on. We recently had a few migration requests to vtiger 6.3 from vtiger 5.4 and we noticed that there is this bug in the user creation process in vtiger6.3 where we are not able to select the reporting manager for the user currently in creation. This was mainly because the popup that came up in the RelatedTo window did not have the user names column to choose from. The popup shows only the Office Phone (work_phone) field and not the other fields as shown below.

before the bug fix



In the new paradigm, the columns that populate the Selection Popup are derived from the list of Summary Fields for any module.

Summary Fields are identified by having the value 1 in the summaryfield column for the field defition in vtiger_field

Only in the absense of Sumary Fields for a module, will the usage of list_fields and list_field_names arrays from the base mcodule class be called upon via the function getRelatedListFields defined in modules//models/Module.php and falls back on modules/Vtiger/models/Module.php if not declared.

In Vtiger 630, the function getRelatedListFields has been modified in Vtiger 630 and does not work due to a code variance(shown below).

The other modules which have the summaryfield attribute set in vtiger_field do not use this function for the Popup listview population.


There are 3 ways to get this fixed.

Code the function getRelatedListFields in modules/Users/models/Module.php


Change the declaration of function getRelatedListFields in modules/Vtiger/models/Module.php to old 620 code


Update the summaryfield column value to 1 for a few fields in Users module fields definitions (tabid=29) in table vtiger_field

UPDATE vtiger_field set summaryfield=1 WHERE tabid=29 AND columnname in (“first_name”, “last_name”, “title”, “department”, “reports_to_id”, “email1”);

Any of these fixes will yield the following result.

after the bug fix


It is still true that all businesses who need a reporting manager hierarchy within vtiger users only may need this. But it is always a good idea to have a reporting manager for any user so that while the user is disabled or deleted, the records assigned to that user may belong to his supervisor.

We have written to also about this. Hopefully they may add it in their next bug fixes release.

Look for more updates here!!


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