DOCUMENTS Management module has been one of the most sparingly used modules of viger if we go by our experience in customization and development in vtiger5.4 and vtiger6.x. But one must admit, DOCUMENTS module is indeed a very useful module in itself. Since it has inbuilt relation with other standard modules within vtiger we can easily attach a document to a Lead, Contact, Product, Service etc.

Moreover our product vtDZiner also helps the user with ‘Attachment’ field type (new UI type)

DOCUMENTS Existing feature in vtiger

The DOCUMENTS module is a standard module in vtiger which is related to other modules like Contacts, Leads, Organization, Sales Order, Quotes, Opportunity etc. It is currently allowing internal and external type of documents upload. Under internal type, it allows one document to be uploaded. Under External it allows a link to be input so that any external link can be given as a document.

As an addon, we will have our plugin add an option in the existing picklist. The current values areInternal and External, the third one would be Drag and Drop Multiple files. The existing feature is not disturbed and one can add a single file or a link. But if you have to add multiple files to a single Document module record, you can use this plugin. Once you select Drag and Drop Multiple filesfrom the picklist, a new block will open just below the File Information block. This Drag-n-Drop block will allow you to add multiple files at a time. It will block same file uploads in the same record (files with same names). The current file restrictions are 15 and each file has to be less than 3MB.

Each file will appear as a thumb nail and can be removed within the block.

In the Standard Modules if Documents Module is disabled, automatically, DOCS++ plugin also should be disabled through code.

Unless your existing DOCUMENTS module in vtiger is heavily customized, our plugin works with almost any kind of customized vtiger instances.

For specific cases please write to


  • Works with Documents module without disturbing existing functionality
  • Can be uninstalled or disabled
  • Supported Files:’image/*,application/pdf, .psd, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xml, .xls, .xlsx’.
  • Maximum no.of Files :15.
  • Maximum size for each file is :3 MB


  • Works with Documents module seamlessly
  • Add many documents to a record
  • Have a real time view of your Documents module records by linking many documents to a single record.

It is compatible with vTiger 6.5. Please inquire with