About Us

Build Your CRM in Seconds

We are a team of Information Technology professionals who understood the importance of customer relationship management for every business. We take pride in trying to be amongst the best in giving crm services all over the world through open source vtiger crm products.

Every business will have different requirements while dealing with customer relationship management systems, it might be regarding sales process, marketing process, ticket management etc. The big deal is we make it work for you. We are experts in customizing vtiger crm in a 360 degree view.

Our Story

myEnterprise Company

An internal need to build custom modules for Vtiger started it all. This simple usage of the built in vtlib functions thru a GUI frontend led to need of building inter module relationships using the Module Manager infrastructure.

Re-organizing the default menu was the easiest, and a blessing to those who went on a module designing frenzy, with the new tools. Next stop, pulling related values into the target was a desirable feature, but deferred initially, in the light of paying work that the team encountered.

Along the way, newer UI types like color, attachment, audio/video/picture/gallery, grid/table blocks, forex with auto lookup, auto-completion of related fields, postcode, and more were found necessary, which we developed as we encountered use cases in our day to day.

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