Notifications   Notifications is our newest extension allowing users to get notifications on their Vtiger Header. With vtNotifications the users can trigger notifications via standard workflows & display it in the menu header upon the completion of a certain task or record update as per their needs, these notifications can be accessed easily by a single.. read more →

ToolTip Hello Vtiger Community, Vtiger Tooltip is another feather in cap. With this extension i.e vtToolTip the users get the feature of Tool tips for any field of  their choice in Vtiger CRM. Using vtToolTip the admin users can add informative text for any field with an intuitive configuration panel that can configure the tooltip to be.. read more →

Record Locking in Vtiger CRM Record Locking is one of our newest extensions for Vtiger Open Source CRM. In a regular CRM usage there are scenarios where multiple users perform various tasks on the same record simultaneously, sometimes due to these simultaneous updates/changes some of the changes made will be lost, it will be very.. read more →

Stock Location   Stock locations is one of our CRM extensions with which the users get the ability of Warehouse Management in Vtiger CRM. The users can create unlimited warehouses for their stock management. The users can perform many operations with vtStock Locations such as Add products to warehouses, Transfer products between warehouses and manage.. read more →

Grid View   Hello Vtiger Community, As a team we are here to say that we have a new offering that is Gridview also (GridDziner). With the Grid Dziner the users can add Excel Type Blocks to any module within Vtiger CRM( Standard or Custom) as per their choosing. In Gridview of the selected module the users will.. read more →