Hello my fellow vtiger enthusiasts.

Today we have an exciting update for you. We are here to share about the new customization that we built for vTiger 6.x. For one of our privileged customer we have successfully enabled attachment view for incoming mails in the list of the mail manager.

Business case:

The Client is running a highly customized vtiger CRM. The client requirement is to view all the attachments in an incoming mail in the list view of the mail manager inbox. As our client receives a lot of emails with attachments, therefore he required a solution so that he can access the attachments of a particular email without opening/viewing the email.

Our approach:

In vTiger CRM till date we are unable view attachments in the list view of Mail Manager. The list of attachments for a particular email cannot be visible in the list view. Therefore we have developed a feature after extensive research and custom coding which now enables the CRM User to view all the attachments in the List View of the Mail Manager.

Once the feature is enabled, the attachments in the mail will be visible as


Apart from the above we are also in process of developing an install-able file for the above customization, which will be available soon.

Please Contact us for more details


vTigress Team 

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